We work in a busy inner city area of North West London and are committed to the development of Primary Care and we value our roles as generalists, so that we may provide a service to the local community. We have not chosen to specialise in any one area however  we have special interests which include mental health, maternity services, information technology, teaching and minor surgery.

We are also interested in developing services which reflect local need and we work closely with other organisations in the planning and assessment of services provided.

The Practice works out of a 1970’s Health Centre building which is shared with PCN staff. The Health Centre is presently is in the midst of a much needed renovation, which will provide a better environment for both patients and staff.

Dr Abe is the founder of the Female Genital Mutilation Association Worldwide and has recently published an A-Z Guide on Female Genital Mutilation. She holds regular FGM clinics at the health centre and  is an associate member on the House of Commons All Parliamentary Party Group on FGM