Yiewsley Family Practice

The Surgery on the Bridge, that was how the patients always referred to the old surgery. It was a large Victorian house which was divided, so that it could accommodate a practice area and a small residential accommodation area, for the junior partner of the time.

The surgery was well established, long before the NHS came into being, in fact research has revealed records dating back to 1921. It was always a very popular practice and therefore it had a more than adequate list size to manage. The surgery was also a dispensing practice and very accessible for  patients. You could see a doctor  seven days a week. If you needed to see a doctor on a Sunday, you would just go down to the house and knock on the front door for emergency attention.

The practice area at the time, in fact up to moving to new premises was substantial ,it covered areas from the Bath Road, Harmondsworth, West Drayton, Yiewsley, Cowley to the borders of Uxbridge, Harlington Road,  Chapel Lane, West Drayton Road and parts of Iver. I believe on occasions the doctors did their house visits on a bicycle !!!

The practice was also involved in covering health medicals for local businesses, their personal staff, eg: factories that were situated in Horton Road and the surrounding area, the Bath Road and the Admiralty which was situated in Warwick Road West Drayton.It also was engaged to cover all the new apprentice intake for what was at that time BEA and BOAC.

The surgery became sub-contracted to the NHS in 1948. The catchment areas at that time, were all villages with strong community ties, therefore you were able to form close relationships with your patients. As well as being doctors they were social workers, midwives,counsellors and at times the patient's best friend. Someone they could speak with and tell them, no matter how trivial their concerns and troubles.

I was asked to join the practice in 1962 and the doctors at that time were Dr. P. Bobbet, Dr. L.F. Keenan and Dr. D.P. Dunphy. On the retirement of Dr Bobbet, a young doctor S.A. Hickmet  joined the practice in 1966. I have never regretted joining the practice in fact you could say in the end it became my vocation. I would be asked to promise as one partner retired, please look after the incoming new doctor and of course the existing partners, but please most of all look after the patients and the practice.I have put much store on trying to do just that.

In 1973 we moved from the surgery on the bridge to  the new Yiewsley Health Centre, on Yiewsley High street , from which we continue to function presently. It was unfortunate that Dr. Keenan who was the lead on this project never got to move and practice in the new centre, as he became very ill and had to take early retirement, a great loss to the profession.

Previously, Practice manager to partners:

Dr. P. Bobbet, Dr. L.F. Keenan, Dr. D.P. Dunphy,

Dr. R. Jenkins, Dr P. Keating, Dr. S.A. Hickmet,

Dr. M.A. Ponnappa & Dr. L.J. Corbridge

Presently Practice Manager to:

Dr. G.Chana, Dr. I. Raj, Dr. S. Mathew

15th October 2014