To order your repeat prescription


To order your repeat prescription -    

When ordering online, please allow two full working days i.e 48 hours (excluding weekends) for your prescription to be ready. Please note that if you request your prescription after 6:00pm you must allow another working day


Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on regular medication when you join the surgery you will need to see a doctor for your first prescription.

Repeat prescriptions can be requested by clicking onto the online form above or by coming into the surgery. We apologise that no requests for medication will be accepted over the telephone.

Prescriptions take two working days to process.

You can send a repeat prescription request via the contact us button on the home page. Please include your full name, date of birth and line of address, so we can correctly identify you. 

We do not reply to or acknowledge e-mails.


Collection from the surgery or from a pharmacist

We can arrange for your prescription to be sent to a local pharmacy of your choice so that you can collect your medicine directly from there. 

Prescriptions are now sent electronically to pharmacies. However, items which are Controlled Drugs cannot be sent electronically, so are printed by us and collected by pharmacy couriers.

If you are housebound we can arrange for the local pharmacies to deliver your medicine to your home. We can send your prescription to you if you provide us with a stamped addressed envelope.

Generic Medication

If you require generic medication, such as calpol, ibuprofen and paracetamol, it is expected that you would buy this medication from a supermarket or pharmacy, where they are always available, at cheap prices. 

Medication Reviews

Please make sure you check when you are due for your medication review. They are normally done every six or every 12 months, depending on your medication. On the white side of your prescription, there is a list of your repeat medications. By each item, there is a review date. This is when you will be due a review. About a month before you are due, there will be message on the white side of the prescription, reminding you to book one. If you are in doubt about when you are due for a review, please ask a receptionist.