Information for Carers

Does someone rely on you? Are you looking after someone (a family member or someone close to you) who because they are ill or disabled could not manage without you? If so then you are a Carer and Carers Bucks can help you.

They can be contacted on 0300 777 2722, and via

Carers Bucks provides support and information to carers of all ages at a local level.  It is vital that Carers are able to get access to the latest information and advice for Carers, especially with changes to the Care Act

Carers Bucks is a free service that supports carers of all ages, who might be caring for someone with dementia, a physical or learning disability, serious illness or mental health condition. Whatever your caring role Carers Bucks can help by providing: .

  • up to date information and advice on carers’ issues including benefits 
  • help to get a break 
  • training to help carers with their caring role
  • an In Case of Emergency service (ICE) if carers are suddenly taken ill or have an accident.
  • someone to talk to in confidence 
  • advice and support for working carers
  • a Young Carer service for children and young people caring for a family member
  • Online Community to meet other carers in similar situations






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